New Years Eve Reenactment Civil War Ball

Civil War Ball - New Year's Eve!

Civil War Ball – New Year’s Eve!

Hello bloggers,

I am so glad to have you all following me ~ the unknown date ~ giggle.

Tomorrow I fly out to Milwaukee to meet a man I have been skyping with for 2 years. He says he does not feel he is legally allowed to date because he does not know if his wife had an affair or not, so he feels bound by 1 Corinthians 7.

His philosophy not mine. I am certain she did……um hum….. but it is his life and he is unbendable. Plus, I SOOOOOOO believe in the mercy and grace of God to forgive and allow us all to start over in such circumstances when your spouse leaves you for another person. Ugggh!

I KNOW…I can hear you now…

“So what in the heck am I doing going to Milwaukee to a ball with a man who does not date?”

Well….it sounded fun and I wasn’t doing anything so here I go. LOL.

He and I have become good friends and I have my own hotel room and well, I love to play dress up, so off I go!

I have a gorgeous civil war ball gown of which I will post of myself in later. Face not showing of course, because I am the UNKNOWN dater…LMBO!

I chose to remain anonymous so I could say whatever I wanted to about all these crazy dates I have been on without hurting any one man in particular, or woman. 

Yes, one time a woman wanted to meet me at a restaurant as a freind. She saw my pic online and thought I would be a nice freind, for she was new in town. I took a couple of girl friends with me to cheddars and we all laughed and had a great dinner.


You tell me…

Well more later as the date ~ or in this case ~ non date ~ progresses.

Fun happening,

The unknown date


101 Carnations …..

I am writing my very first Internet dating blog & it is going to be one funny blog, according to my friend frenchy – who believes my dating career takes the cake.

Since I plan to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons, you can just call me, the unknown date. A topic to which I know many of you can relate – hahahaha!

I have been Internet dating since 2010 and let me tell you I have had more crazy experiences than any one person should be allowed to have.

I will tell you all about them and I plan to let you ride this roller coaster ride right along with me – for your enjoyable learning experiences and for just plain fun. I tell you one thing is for certain, life around me is never boring and most of the time it is so outlandish that no one in their right mind would believe the things that happen to me. I have had quite a few people tell me I need my own reality show! Ha!

Well we’ll see…..

More to come…new friends….
The unknown date