Don’t Get Discouraged!

Have you ever had a date that you thought went pretty well. Ok, Not perfect, but well enough to think that they may ask you out again at some point, never to hear from them again?

Yep, I know you have.

It seems we have lost the art of politeness and etiquette in our society.

Ok, he wasn’t that great and actually had been in a car wreck at age 17 and had disfigured his face and ear. I know it was hard to get over that one. So I went to lunch with him at one of my favorite pizza places. We met there.

I was dressed in a really cute bright orange skirt and a bright yellow top. By all standards I was looking great!

He came in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Ok, that would have been fine, cause it was a lunch date, but he also looked like he had not shaved in 5 days and he wasn’t growing a beard for he also had a go tee. Ugggh!

You know if a man doesn’t even try on a first date it will only get more sloppy later. Everyone, who really cares, at least showers and shaves for a first date. First impressions still do matter after all.

So we have a polite and fun lunch, not really hitting it off and not having a bad time either.

But then, after he says I will call you later tonight, and after he has already called you almost every day for weeks, he is a no show!

Yep, I never heard from him again.


Yes, maybe it matters that I didn’t really find him my type, but I think I faked it enough to be polite and to warrant another call. Even if it was to say no thank you sugar…

The funny thing is ,I was talking to my other friend about how to let him down easily cause I just knew he would call and how he was really in to me.

So what happened?

Hmmm? Perhaps he was upset when he went to kiss me, on a first date, and I turned my cheek to him ~ Possible but not probable.

Maybe it was the funny but rude comment I made about investing in stocks, something I like to do, when I said:

“If you can’t run with the big dogs – stay on the porch!” LOL!

Probably not, for he laughed.

Or maybe he was upset when I said I didn’t really like all the prostitutes, and crime, etc that casinos brought to a town when they came. Following a previous conversation about his love of in-room jacuzzis while he stayed there and how much fun sex in the tub was. HA!

Or maybe I talked too much about my faith ~ always a popular man chaser away if he is just after sex ~ Funny too.

BUT ~ I choose to tell myself this: “THANK GOD!

I have been praying God would just chase away all the perpetrators and false men who pursue me and well, I think this one went running. Or maybe he just saw that I was such a great catch that he was WAY out of his league.

Yes, those last two sound good to me and actually logical, according to my good friends who continually encourage me in this new life of dating again after a long term marriage breakup.

Having said all that ~ DON’T BEAT YOURSELVES UP PEEPS!

Most people are rude and self interested. Most people think more of their own interests than those around them. When picking a mate look for the fruit and character more than the outward appearances,even though good looks don’t hurt ~ giggle.

“The fruit of the Spirit is: Faithfulness, goodness, joy, peace, love, long-suffering, faith, patience, kindness, and the like, against such there is no law.” Gal 5:23

Theres no accounting for good taste, politeness and good manners. Wait for the best catch!

Also; be the best person you can be with good etiquette if you want a good person to want you.


the unknown date