Singles Selfishness


It has come to my attention that many singles, especially those who have lived alone most of their lives, are very self centered people. Oh, Im not saying they are bad people. It’s just that they have not had anyone near to rub off all those rough edges.

You see when you live alone for long periods of time, the only person you have to take care of is yourself. You slowly but gradually become only interested in your own thoughts and opinions, unless you get out a lot and join small groups of some sort. But there are some things that you can ONLY learn, in character building, by living with others.


Yes, what we learned in kindergarden was actually a life long lesson, of sharing. People who learn to live around others are forced to learn to take turns and share, even against their own wants and desires, especially against their own wants and desires.

Have you been brave enough to ask a married person if they think single people are selfish?

I knew a girl one time who lived alone most of her life in her own apartments, and she was totally unaware of her self centered lifestyle. When we would go somewhere together she would just bolt through door-way as if she was the only¬†one walking through it, not using what we all assume are social graces of opening the door for your friends and offering them to go through first ~ well, that’s just the way we do it in the south ~ social graces do still exist here.

One time, I got a new car, and she was so excited she asked if she could drive it. I reluctantly said ok, not realizing how far out there she really was.

4 hours later, after joy riding all over the area with no phone call or cell phone, she came back. No thought of evil intent or doing anything wrong. Just showed up smiling.

In case you are one of those – socially challenged people – with no common sense or social graces – you don’t steal someone’s car for 4 hours! Unless you have been given specific permission to take a road trip ~ and THEN ~ you want to buy them gas and clean their car before you return it.

Come on people!

Ok, so , just saying….. are you unaware of the people around you? Do you care about no one but yourself? Are you in a single selfishness mode?

Perhaps this is why you are single…people get to know you and WAM, their comes Mr. Nasty!

Let’s all work on our character¬†to be the best mates we can be for those we love….

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