About – The Mystery Date by the unknown dater

The mystery date. Haven’t you all been on a bad date and wished and hoped so much it was going to turn out right only to be disappointed in the end that you have not found your true love yet?
We have all been there. It seems more and more people are lonely and alone in a world growing with people by leaps and bounds – standing as it were alone in a crowd.

Internet dating has become the most popular form of finding a date and hopefully a mate for this generation. Men and women are unashamedly online trying to find just the one hidden person that their heart longs to be with.

But along the way to find her Prince Charming – the princess has to kiss a lot of toads. Ugggg.

I am one such individual. I was thrust into the dating scene again after a long term marriage ended and I was left alone by the one who was suppose to protect me, take care of me, and love me eternally – my husband.

No one really wants to start all over in life – but it happens to now over 50% of the population.

After sharing all the crazy and touching stories of my newly found dating life – my kids were the first to say that my life is like a reality show and that I should write a blog. I laughed and said why not. It may give someone a little joy in the journey.

So read and laugh and hopefully comment back to me on your life and experiences.

Without laughter in life – we would all go crazy. Sometimes you just have to laugh it off.
Enjoy my new friends – the Mystery Date by me – the unknown date.



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