Natasha with the red hair

Tonight I went on a slightly different adventure with Mr. BMW, two girl friends, and my boyfriend ‘game boy’ – age 9, but he insists he is my boyfriend and the best one I have….he is right most of the time. Lol!

Tonight I put on a red wig and snuck into a nursing home!

No lie!
Let me explain. You see a few months ago one of my best friends, Miss Kay, age 79′ was lied to, kidnapped by her own kids, and committed into an insane asylum and told she was crazy. They did this so they could claim her power of attorney and put her way in a nursing home.

I’m not kidding!

I was devastated at first and threatened to get a lawyer and I did everything I could to help my best friend to escape. But in the end I was escorted out of the nursing home by the police, one Sunday afternoon, when all I was doing was sitting there silently hugging and praying with my freind. We were like two little girls hugging in the corner scared.
They told me that if I ever tried to contact Miss Dot again by phone, email, or any electronic means, or if I tried to visit her, I would be arrested. Seriously!

So some time has gone by and I think of her often and even have shed a tear or two over Mss Dot thinking I would never be able to see her again. We were very close and she is as close to me as an older sister or a mother.

Tonight – I did it!

I got together a few friends and I put on a red wig and I went to see her and we snuck me in and I hugged and hugged her! I gave her 2 giant bags full of Christmas presents and we all prayed and we visited with her for a good long visit. God was with me and we did not get caught.

Mr. BMW was so upset a few months ago when he heard the news he said tonight he was in with me and would be packing his pistol – just in case I got hauled off by the police, he would rescue me. No lie!


I so appreciate the bravery and the solidarity of good friends and well……we did it! With no shoot out or cops involved.


You do what you’ve gotta do sometimes.

Love and hugs to all from Natasha the secret spy girl also known as
The unknown date