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Masquerade Ball & the blonde bimbo

Tonight I went to my very first masquerade ball. I had a marvelous time. Especially because, though being from Louisiana, I do not celebrate Mardi Gras. But I love dressing up and this was my chance!
( I know, …… I am usually making my own way in this world and go against the flow)

I decided to pull out a salmon pink poofy ball gown I had in my closet leftover from a wedding and wear it with a long curly blonde wig. Seriously. I painted my eyes like cat eyes with a lot of green glitter and black mascara and eye liner. It was challenging since I do not usually wear eye liner, but after 3 tries, (giggle) I managed it. Then I topped it all off with a long feather fascinator and a lovely gold metal mask, I bought on eBay. The feathers I made myself at the last minute.
(Pics later after I download them from my camera)

I wore long white gloves, opera length of course and pink ballet slippers with ribbons that twirled up my legs. (Oh, and since it rained all week, I wore blue polka dot rubber boots over the ballet slippers to and from the dance)

I brought two single friends with me, Mr. BMW & Gabriella. He wore a tuxedo with a black mask and was strikingly handsome. And Gabriella wore my teal ball gown with silver froo-froo and black gloves, a silver mask with black feathers topped it all off with style.

When we entered than dance hall, many of our friends were wondering who we were, I could tell. And a few men came and looked hard at me to see if they could tell who I was. Some called me Scarlett, others said I looked like Rapunsel or Glenda the good witch from the wizard of Oz. my dress was just like hers, as I thought about it. Lol

True to this crowds taste in music, there was a lot of country songs but we all had a few jazzier ones thrown in too. I prefer Motown and Michael Buble type songs at a ball. But this is North Louisiana after all.

I danced almost every dance and with many different partners. That’s the beauty of being in a dance club. Everyone dances and teaches each other and there is absolutely no pressure to hook up with anybody. Actually, we shy away from such, cause we don’t want to ruin the club with people dating and breaking up a lot. GREAT!

So I am able to flirt and smile and feel completely free to be who I am with no pressure, for once. Yay!

I even got up and sang karaoke twice. We did have a live musician playing all night, and he let who wanted to, come up and sing. I sang Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’ and Etta Jame’s ‘At Last’. It was so much fun and lots commented on how they did not know I could sing. Fun!

As the evening wound down we did a little disco and Boris the disco man showed up and danced the night fantastic with a young babe who had a serious crush on Him. (Boris = Mr. BMW)

All in all I had so much fun just being silly as a blonde in a poofy pink dress and I laughed all night. I got my friend Gabriella, who is recently separated, out and smiling and we belly laughed together all night.

To end the evening, we ate at IHOP, and now I am here blogging at 2:00 am on a Thursday night, as:
Your blonde bimbo the unknown date

Surprised by a Chivalrous Yankee

After flying into Milwaukee I was greeted by my date wearing a flashing red and white Santa’s hat. It was a cute way to meet me after two years of chatting on ‘Skype’. He seemed very polite and he opened doors for me and treated me to all our meals and told me he would never let a woman pay when he was with her especially since I paid to come all this way to see him.


It was so much fun to see rolling hills, deep blue & green evergreen trees, and bright white snow. I so love the snow! I wanted to run out in it and lay down and make a snow angel. I may do that tomorrow. Giggle

I met some of his friends and we ate at such lovely places. My favorite was this delicious Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with cheese and beef prime rib sliced thinly. YUMI!

I did everything but lick the plate.

They say having a healthy appetite on a date is OK. Men like you to eat what they paid for…HA!

As we drove by his old house there was a certain amount of sadness in his eyes and heart. I could tell he really missed his old home and was still grieving. I comforted him as a good friend would and we had a lovely time looking at all the Christmas lights together.

Later the next day, I took 3 hours to get ready for the ball and like Cinderella I was fashionably late. It was a Civil War Reenactment Ball called the ‘New Years Gala’ thrown by the ‘Historical Timekeepers’.

I wore a royal midnight blue taffeta ball gown with black lace that I had bought from ‘Recollections’ online store. It was gorgeous and I was so pleased with the service I got from them. I got my gown in 2 weeks, during the holiday season, after I ordered one on eBay that did not fit right ~ I had to rush and find another one. I love this gown. It flowed so beautifully and I looked like a princess, I thought, and so many others said I was gorgeous as well.

There were many lovely gowns there of so many different fabrics and styles. And the men were dressed up as well. There were even a couple of Scottish men in their kilts and a young West Point man there. I saw a few gentlemen in tux’s and my date ~ WHEW!

He was so handsome in his navy blue yankee officers uniform, with his white gloves on. Everyone danced with gloves and I believe I like it better that way. No sweaty palms…giggle.

As the night progressed, the dance caller, like a square dance caller but slightly more dignified, lead us around the floor to all sorts of old fashioned folk dances.

The Virginia reel, Chase the Ladies, A circle waltz, the grand Promenade, the silly threesome, etc.

I loved every dance.

Even the one where I tripped on my petticoats and fell down backwards. AAAH!

Yep, but the gentlemen were so gallant and helped me up right away. Everyone was concerned but I wasn’t hurt and laughed it off and continued dancing.

It was a funny mix of people too. Not people I normally would meet, which made it so interesting. I felt as though I really had gone back in time. And as I met these people for the first time in their costumes and uniforms, I felt I was meeting their true personalities. For when they changed clothes into their 2012 clothes, I looked at them with some sadness knowing they would have preferred to remain in the 1850s and it suited them. I think it suited me as well.

The men ran errands for me and never let me get my own drink. I loved it. They were always polite and held my chair for me and even escorted me around the room as I went from place to place. All of them did. I truly felt like Scarlett Ohara at the picnic at Twelve Oaks BBQ in the  movie ‘Gone with the Wind’.

I was introduced 3 or 4 times over the loud speaker as our Mistress from Louisiana who had come to join us and they even did a few new southern dances for my sake. We all laughed and loved every minute of it. I am especially fond of the slow romantic waltzes. I love it when a man wants to get near me, but is afraid to even look at me, and I just love the giddy feeling of catching him sneak a glance in my direction and smile. Life is good in the arms of a handsome soldier dressed in his dress blues and waltzing the night away like Scarlett and Rhett.

Some Yankees do have style I found out.

After the midnight toast and air poppers went off, we cleaned up and went out to the after parties at the local taverns. When we walked in the door, of this historic building from the late 1800s, that was used as a stagecoach building, everyone applauded as we entered. We were totally surprised and waved to the whole room as if we were the nights entertainment.

So Fun

I noticed though, something I think we women should take note of. I seemed to be treated by every man in the room with class and style. They all stood up and gave way to me and took my hand and some even kissed it. They, even the drunks, were the best of gentlemen. I think we ladies should all dress up to the nines more often. I certainly got the attention of every man in the room, instantly and they responded beautifully and rose to the occasion as valiant men of honor.

There was a very drunk lady there who so wanted her hand kissed too, I notice out of the corner of my eye, and so I told my mystery date to go over  and kiss her hand too. He looked at me strange for she had just been cursing and vulgar to us earlier. But he did, and as I expected, she melted and so he kissed the other lady next to her and she curtsied too.

Immediately, the drunk woman, became our freind and her manners improved and she didn’t cuss anymore the whole night.

That simple kiss of respect brought out the best in her and in the men too.

HMMMM….Something to think about.

Maybe we have lost a lot more in our high Tech world by throwing out simple polite manners than we knew.

When was the last time someone kissed your hand and how did it make you feel?

A southern belle’s blog,

hugs from,

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