Are You Being Scammed?

Are You Being Scammed?.


Worst Blind Date Ever!

I visited tonight at my dance club, which is every Thursday night, with a fellow girl friend and we were talking about my blog and boy was she funny. She told me of the worst blind date ever.

She said it was a wonderful date at first, he was a doctor, he wore a suit and took her to a really nice steak house, The Chateau. They had a polite dinner and she said he wasn’t the handsomest man she had ever seen but he was nice.

Then ~ here’s the funny part ~ after dinner he reached over romantically toward her ear and plucked out one of her hairs ~ yep ~ wait ~ then he proceeded to floss his teeth with it, right at the table in this fancy restaurant.

LMBO! ~ So funny!

I said, what did you do?

She replied; I suddenly developed a very bad headache.


What was you’re worst date?

Comments please…..

The unknown date

Just a little dating advice for us girls.

Hey girls, here is just a little advice from the unknown date. I haven’t been molested lately or anything. I just thought I’d pass this tip along.

Tip: when you’re out on a first or second date and the man across the table will not make eye contact with you or share much about his life, and he just sort of nods and listens to you, especially the eye contact thing. If he sort of looks around the room, all the time, or out the window – run!

He is inevitably only on a date to get sex from you.

Don’t fall for it. Just chalk it off to another looser who is mean and selfish. You do not want to give in to his advances, which will come after dinner quickly, as you go to the car or where ever.

He will try to move in fast and may even insult you if you pull back or say no.

Walk away and move on – HE DOS NOT DESERVE ONE SINGLE KISS!

Be warned.
By, the unknown date