Are You Being Scammed?

Are You Being Scammed?.


Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home. After a long flight back from Milwaukee and a wonderful time spent New Years Eve with my Yankee friend – I am at last home for a bit of a rest. I am greeted with opened arms and a smile by Mr. BMW and he so graciously carried my luggage home for me and then we went out for some ribs. Whenever I need a friend, Mr. BMW is always there for a few laughs and a caring loving hug.


My doggies were fuzzy and cuddly and well taken care of and I have missed my own bed.

Even though I had a great time being a southern belle in a yankee’s town. Every person I met was so nice and so considerate. I fell in lovey with all the people and all the lovely fir trees, covered with bright white clean snow.

I didn’t’ get to eat brats or play in the snow or make snow cream with my Yankee but I was treated royally and romantically in such a sweet kind manner, anyone would have loved to visit this area and to have met these people.

I have another date this weekend for the movies with Mr. CEO – more updates later.

Remember: “if you are nice to people they will respond in like kind. Most of the time.”

Be blessed by,
The unknown date