Dating for American Teenagers in the 1940s and 1950s

I think we should review some basic principals…..hint, hint…..


Are there any wholesome sweet girls out there anymore?

IMG_5778Sooooooo…..I have a lot and I mean a LOT of male friends and we talk all the time about different things and we got together to discuss dating the other night. I was so surprised at the comments they made.

So, I thought I would blog about it.

1. They all say ~ girls now-a-days do not like you to be a gentleman , they actually give them weird looks if they call a girl to ask her out, or just stand up for her at the table, etc. They would love to be polite gentlemen, but women don’t like it anymore.

2. They say the only way they have ever gotten a girl to go out with them is to go in groups and just say something like: “Hey, wanna hang out sometime?”

3. The girls they meet are so jaded and bitter, they feel like they have lost the possibility of being in a true honest relationship with someone before they even start.

4. Girls who smoke are a HUGE turn off ~ kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. YUK!

5. They are all longing for a real Christian wholesome woman, who takes care of herself, not a model, but clean and sweet. Looks are just a perk, for they really want someone who is kind and intelligent. Not so smart she is a know-it-all but someone you may enjoy discussing all sorts of topics with.

6. They are so tired of women acting like they like them then dropping off the face of the earth. No communication and no breaking up. (Just plain chicken and rudeness)

7. They would prefer women to be politely blunt, and just tell them when they approach her and she isn’t interested, something like: “Thank you so much for being interested in me ~ but honestly I am just not that attracted to you in that way….” Be nice but tell the truth. No man likes a liar or a cheat.

8. They even said they can handle a girl with some baggage, not a psycho, but they are willing to help her heal from all the pain of past relationships and love her through it all. (WOW! These are great men)

There are so many men who are what I would call; “Diamonds in the rough.” But who are looking for just a sweet Christian girl. Clean and neat, sweet and nice, pretty and decent. These men are not models from magazines, but they have a fire in them that is wanting to find a real sweet woman they can throw their heart’s into and love forever and ever. They are not ugly and perhaps somewhat a little over weight, but not all are. Some are actually buff. They come from all walks of economic stratus and are truly good faithful men. Christian brothers who are looking for true love and faithfulness.

What does this say about all the women out there looking for love?

Are we too picky? Too Biter? Too scared?

Do we even know a nice romantic polite man when we see one?

Are we so abused and neglected that we can’t even receive love from a nice man anymore?

These men will not grope you on the first date and may actually take a long time to get to know you, cause they are serious about commitment when they find the right girl.

Start being kind and polite and take time to see the man probably sitting right next to you on the church pew. Hoping you will notice him. He is not a wolf and he will not bait you for his own selfish behaviorial  exercises (SEX). These men are genuine and will make some woman the light of their lives.

Just a thought…..

The unknown date


Christmas season is often a very hard season for single people and for those in a relationship that just doesn’t quite meet our hearts desires. This season I suggest you get out and go see all the wonderful sights and sounds of Christmas. Go with friends in groups or just go alone and feel the Spirit of Christmas well up inside you as you reveal in the joy of being alive.

Christmas is not about what gifts you wanted but can’t afford, or about who you spend it with really ~  for some of us have been ostracized by our families. But Christmas is about Jesus ~ who came down from heaven to be with us in our lives, right where we are and to do what we could not do ~ to walk this life perfectly, so we could relax and live in the shadow of His grace in joy and love.


God basically handed a sweet life to us on platter and said ~ ENJOY!

Stay close to Him this year and you will never have regrets…..Life is all about Him and not about us anyway.

I for one plan on drawing near to Him and I know He is my true love after all is said and done, no date can fulfill all my hearts desires like my Beloved Jesus can.

Merry Christmas!

The unknown date

My city farted

Have you ever tried to date in a town where there is a paper mill? It’s horrible. I know people who live here say everyone needs the jobs and it smells like bacon & eggs to them.
But really.
It smells like the devil farted!
And that ain’t no brimstone I smell neither – said Donkey to shriek.

Seriously, it is so embarrassing to be trying to be on your best behavior and a man drives across the state to see you and take you to dinner and what do we greet him with…..?
Well, you know…..
Ugggg! Somebody put scrubbers on that thing!
Just a thought
From the unknown dater

Miss Camp Follower and money laundering.

I was talking to a man the other day about some of his worst dates and he remembered this girl he dated a while ago. I will call her Miss Camp Follower.

And coincidentally I just read a blog about what men hate in dating. One of their biggest problems with girls in dating is money issues. Men do not like it that a woman, who works, expects them to pay for everything. (Modern men, I suppose, I am still sort of old fashioned, though I’d offer to pay, it is polite when I don’t have to…)

“She expected me to buy her cases of wine and all her food. And everything just seemed to be automatically on me. She had her photo taken one time and told the guy to just get the money out of me. That’s when I knew she was just using me for money.

It was automatically assumed that I would pay for everything. At one time she told somebody that I was gonna buy her a car. I wasn’t gonna buy her a car. It’s the assumption that they guy is gonna pay for everything, even though he’s not getting anything. No extra curricular activities expected from me.

She basically had little honor. She would sleep with anyone who wanted her too. Last time I saw her she had basically doubled in size. She was just expecting it because I was so nice.

She would go over to people’s homes with her wash and she expected to be able to do her laundry ~ trashy!”

This woman just sounds plain selfish. Like most selfish people they tend to have a wider circle of friends, or acquaintances, that they take advantage of or USE. So they only have to come around to you, once in a while. Uggggh!

Watch out folks, for leeches! They come in all sizes and genders. People who are selfish or mean will only get worse. Don’t try to reform them, just move on.

A little sound advice from,

the unknown dater



Ok, so I feel I need to speak out about bad kissing.

What’s the worst first kiss you have ever had?

Mine has to be the tongue toucher. A man who is kissing you for the first time and who sticks his tongue outside of his lips and touches your lips before you have ever touched lip to lip – yuk!

It’s just gross!

My gut reaction is to push back back peddling with both hands.

Who in their right mind kisses like that?
And if you have asked them if they are a good kisser – all men think they are.

Please fellas, read up on kissing before you go out on a first date and gross out anyone.

First kisses should be gentle and only lips.

Later if you have good chemistry then go in slowly, maybe slide your hand behind her neck and gently pull her in and slowly kiss her for a short period of time. Then invite her with your tongue.



Just a thought.
From the unknown date

Worst Blind Date Ever!

I visited tonight at my dance club, which is every Thursday night, with a fellow girl friend and we were talking about my blog and boy was she funny. She told me of the worst blind date ever.

She said it was a wonderful date at first, he was a doctor, he wore a suit and took her to a really nice steak house, The Chateau. They had a polite dinner and she said he wasn’t the handsomest man she had ever seen but he was nice.

Then ~ here’s the funny part ~ after dinner he reached over romantically toward her ear and plucked out one of her hairs ~ yep ~ wait ~ then he proceeded to floss his teeth with it, right at the table in this fancy restaurant.

LMBO! ~ So funny!

I said, what did you do?

She replied; I suddenly developed a very bad headache.


What was you’re worst date?

Comments please…..

The unknown date

A Masquerade Ball and a Blonde Bimbo!

Tonight I went to my very first masquerade ball. I had a marvelous time. Especially because, though being from Louisiana, I do not celebrate Mardi Gras. But I love dressing up and this was my chance!
( I know, …… I am usually making my own way in this world and go against the flow)

I decided to pull out a salmon pink poofy ball gown I had in my closet leftover from a wedding and wear it with a long curly blonde wig. Seriously. I painted my eyes like cat eyes with a lot of green glitter and black mascara and eye liner. It was challenging since I do not usually wear eye liner, but after 3 tries, (giggle) I managed it. Then I topped it all off with a long feather fascinator and a lovely gold metal mask, I bought on eBay. The feathers I made myself at the last minute.
(Pics later after I download them from my camera)

I wore long white gloves, opera length of course and pink ballet slippers with ribbons that twirled up my legs. (Oh, and since it rained all week, I wore blue polka dot rubber boots over the ballet slippers to and from the dance)

I brought two single friends with me, Mr. BMW & Gabriella. He wore a tuxedo with a black mask and was strikingly handsome. And Gabriella wore my teal ball gown with silver froo-froo and black gloves, a silver mask with black feathers topped it all off with style.

When we entered than dance hall, many of our friends were wondering who we were, I could tell. And a few men came and looked hard at me to see if they could tell who I was. Some called me Scarlett, others said I looked like Rapunsel or Glenda the good witch from the wizard of Oz. my dress was just like hers, as I thought about it. Lol

True to this crowds taste in music, there was a lot of country songs but we all had a few jazzier ones thrown in too. I prefer Motown and Michael Buble type songs at a ball. But this is North Louisiana after all.

I danced almost every dance and with many different partners. That’s the beauty of being in a dance club. Everyone dances and teaches each other and there is absolutely no pressure to hook up with anybody. Actually, we shy away from such, cause we don’t want to ruin the club with people dating and breaking up a lot. GREAT!

So I am able to flirt and smile and feel completely free to be who I am with no pressure, for once. Yay!

I even got up and sang karaoke twice. We did have a live musician playing all night, and he let who wanted to, come up and sing. I sang Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’ and Etta Jame’s ‘At Last’. It was so much fun and lots commented on how they did not know I could sing. Fun!

As the evening wound down we did a little disco and Boris the disco man showed up and danced the night fantastic with a young babe who had a serious crush on Him. (Boris = Mr. BMW)

All in all I had so much fun just being silly as a blonde in a poofy pink dress and I laughed all night. I got my friend Gabriella, who is recently separated, out and smiling and we belly laughed together all night.

To end the evening, we ate at IHOP, and now I am here blogging at 2:00 am on a Thursday night, as:
Your blonde bimbo the unknown date

Just a little dating advice for us girls.

Hey girls, here is just a little advice from the unknown date. I haven’t been molested lately or anything. I just thought I’d pass this tip along.

Tip: when you’re out on a first or second date and the man across the table will not make eye contact with you or share much about his life, and he just sort of nods and listens to you, especially the eye contact thing. If he sort of looks around the room, all the time, or out the window – run!

He is inevitably only on a date to get sex from you.

Don’t fall for it. Just chalk it off to another looser who is mean and selfish. You do not want to give in to his advances, which will come after dinner quickly, as you go to the car or where ever.

He will try to move in fast and may even insult you if you pull back or say no.

Walk away and move on – HE DOS NOT DESERVE ONE SINGLE KISS!

Be warned.
By, the unknown date